Our management principles

5 points for successful cooperation.

Management principles were developed together with all managers, representatives from the specialist departments and the works council to regulate and further promote cooperation and communication between all levels at ASSMANN.

The five management principles are intended to support and serve as a guideline for daily personal management conduct in order to regulate and promote successful cooperation and communication between all levels at ASSMANN, thereby enabling all employees to work successfully and contently at ASSMANN.

1. Be a role model: "Live up to your own expectations."

  • As managers, we act purposefully and consistently and have the courage to make decisions.
  • We encourage open and visionary management thinking so that we can develop future-oriented strategies for our company.
  • We set ourselves clear and unambiguous objectives across all levels of the company.
  • Being an exemplary role model and a human being at the same time
  • A requirement not only for managers.
  • We evaluate our actions and decisions on a daily basis.

2. Encourage and challenge: "Have more faith in the employees than they have in themselves and always consider their limitations."

  • We give our employees enough scope to act on their own responsibility.
  • We intervene – where necessary – and correct the collective approach through dialogue.
  • We encourage the professional and personal development of all employees.

3. Be human: "Take an interest in the employee and their personal situation."

  • We hold every employee in high regard.
  • We are interested in the concerns and problems of our employees.
  • We place our trust in them.
  • We listen and take the time.

4. Provide security, remove fears: “Provide the employee with a feeling of security and the necessary support."

  • We provide our employees with a feeling of security by supporting them, tolerating mistakes, speaking the truth and also criticising them constructively on a professional level.
  • We not only acknowledge the performance of our employees, but also praise them personally. Praise by clarification.
  • Predictability, fairness in dealing with one another and awareness of what is realistically achievable are the key fundamental values of ASSMANN's corporate culture.

5. Open, constructive culture of communication and debate: "Communication is the best way to express appreciation directly."

  • We encourage an open dialogue at all levels of the company.
  • We always engage with constructive criticism.
  • We regularly give our employees feedback on their performance in the form of annual performance reviews.
  • We prefer a direct style of communication – internally within the company and externally with our customers, suppliers and all other contact partners.