Quality. From beginning to end.

There are good reasons justifying our success.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in Germany. There are good reasons for this success. We adhere to the highest quality standards and continuously monitor all stages of production. We attach just as much importance to safety, ergonomics and functionality as to the longevity of our office furniture and attractive design. After all, we want customers to remain pleased with our products over the long term and continue to derive satisfaction from them.

Quality down to the smallest detail — that’s our ambition. At our production location in Melle, we pool all of our expertise and ensure that our products satisfy the needs of our customers as well as our own high quality standards, from the planning stage through manufacturing. For many decades, we’ve been relying on the support of our selected suppliers, who contribute to the long service life of our products with their high-quality materials.

For us, quality is also a firmly established aspect of our consulting. Our sales team provides customers with extensive information on various usage scenarios or cost-effective designs with the best possible technical features. Our consulting also includes a review of all contractually stipulated requirements with regard to standards compliance and service life. Only after all critical issues have been clarified to the satisfaction of our customer does production begin at our plant.

Investment in the future

The centrepiece of our production plant is the stateof-the-art, fully automated and continuously linked wood manufacturing line. We invested in this part of the production process up until mid-2015 and put it on a completely new footing; today, we’re setting new standards with it in the office furniture industry. In 2017, the next step followed: After a two-year period of interdepartmental planning, we invested six million euros in a new carcass furniture line. With the new machines, we’re working more efficiently and precisely than before. And this is an optimisation that we are using as a model for all other areas of the company.

Ongoing processThe key to our success lies in combining major innovations with continuous improvement. Since the year 2000, we have been perfecting our processes step by step in accordance with the Japanese kaizen principle. We have set up discussion spots in the production areas at which managers and workers gather every day to compare notes on current projects and discuss optimisations. This has led to so many good ideas that we decided to establish a similar process in our administrative departments too. In the project “Good Office Work”, we’re routinely optimising our management processes. The benefits of this extend beyond our own employees. Our customers also notice the accelerated work steps when their orders are handled and completed more rapidly.

Tested quality

The label Quality Office on our products shows that we not only promise but guarantee quality. It is the only quality seal that combines all the criteria for high-quality products, expert consultation and made-to-measure service, thereby signifying good office furnishings. It serves as further evidence that we meet the highest standards of safety, ergonomics, functionality and flexibility. To make sure things stay that way, we don’t just rely on our specialist knowledge; we also rigorously test our office furniture. Beginning with the design phase, all of our products go through a large number of assessments and inspections.

These include the following:

  • Random checks of outgoing goods by suppliers
  • Standardised inspection of incoming goods at ASSMANN
  • Fully automated surface inspection of standard boards for defects and irregularities in the veneer
  • Edge disintegration and swelling tests of prefabricated pieces and inspections of finished parts
  • Final inspection of assembled office furniture prior to shipment via lorry
  • Random loading checks and accompaniment on lorry routes
  • Supporting assembly supervision for newly launched products

In all of our checks, we always focus carefully on the quality standards in effect at ASSMANN. We are equally thorough in our attention to environmental guidelines as well as customer-specific standards and those mandated by law. As early as the planning stage, we already have our furniture’s entire life cycle in view. Likewise, we select the right materials at an early point in time and thereby ensure that our products can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way after they are used. From beginning to end, our aim is the highest quality.