Employees – the prerequisite for success

New trends in ways of working affect not only our customers; they affect us, too.

As new working environments evolve, we are all facing rising demands in terms of our flexibility and our willingness to embrace change. For us at ASSMANN, this means that we have to rethink our mindsets, structures, processes and working methods, adapting them wherever necessary. Amid ever-increasing demands, employees and management alike must evince a high degree of willingness to change, adapt, develop and motivate. This is because it is the people who work for us – along with our advanced production facilities and methods – who give us our all-important competitive edge. They make a key contribution to the success of ASSMANN. It is only with motivated, committed and qualified staff that we are able not only to maintain this lead, but also to extend it.

In recent years, ASSMANN has dealt in depth with questions of workforce motivation, the recruiting of qualified and motivated junior staff, new approaches in health protection, and ways to achieve a work-life balance – and has learnt a lot in the process. We firmly believe that our continuing ability to work well together with successful results, strong motivation and a team spirit can only be assured by responding to the individual needs of all employees. This includes daycare places for the offspring of our staff and the possibility of working from home – this option is currently in its initial stages. Seven employees are already making use of this opportunity, and the proportion is set to increase in the medium term. With these and other concepts, we are creating flexible scope for a better work-life balance. Also included here are our brand-new working-time accounts. These open up a wide range of possibilities for individual life planning – ranging from a sabbatical and extensions to parental leave all the way to early retirement. In the end, it is the sum of the many smaller measures that builds our team spirit and the sense of belonging at ASSMANN. Whether it’s tickets for the VfL Osnabrück football club, the development of management principles, the big family summer party or the offer to lease a bicycle via the company – this and much more sets the “ASSMANN family” apart.